Education empowerment projects by Dachung Musa Bagos

01. Mobilisation of teachers and pupils of schools within Vwang Community to resumes classes for pupils who have been at home for over seven (7) months following the strike action embarked upon by teachers and workers of local government in Plateau State.

02. Provision of biscuits as meal breaks to pupils in primary schools in Vwang during the mobilisation exercise of teachers.

03. Offering of scholarship to surviving member of the attacked family at Kogom, Vom.

04. Distribution of over twenty thousand (20,000.00) free exercise books to schools at Vom, Hwolshe and Gyel Communities.

05. Provision of chalks to all primary schools at Vwang.

06. One year Scholarship for students over 300 from The government secondary schools across Local Government Areas respectively.

07. A total number of 25,000 exercise books have also been distributed to the public primary school secondary schools.

08. A total number of 500 school uniforms have been sawn and distributed to primary school pupils.

09. 200 Cartons of chalk have been given to bought secondary and primary schools.

10. 100 cartons of Biro’s have been distributed to secondary schools.

11. 700 cartons of pencils have also been given to primary schools.

12. 500 cartons of erasers was also distributed.

13. 15 footballs have been given to secondary and primary schools also.

14. We’ve donated 25 classrooms desks to Become community secondary school Turu.

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